We believe in the free global flow of goods and empower the fast and efficient connection of the physical goods with their consumers by providing the right logistics support in the right place at the right time for the right price.

BrandHouse Shippii is an integrated IT platform that connects logistics service providers with e-commerce customers via a one-stop parcel delivery purchasing point within the various e-commerce sites. Hence, it empowers customers to choose the right logistics partner to receive their orders, at the best price and in the most suitable timing.Further, it assists in swift customs clearance at the sending as well as the receiving nation, and digitally tracks the cross-border movements, in order to leverage special import and export allowances, such as Chinese “Haitao”.

BrandHouse Shippii provides true value to various stakeholders:

  • For e-commerce sites, BrandHouse Shippii provides multiple global distribution partners with just one IT plug-in. This gives the consumers of the respective e-commerce site a variety of selections to choose how, when and at which price they would want to receive their parcels, and hence increases the e-commerce sites conversion rate and revenue.
  • For distribution companies, BrandHouse Shippii provides instant access to many e-commerce sites by simply linking their offers to the BrandHouse Shippii platform. By connecting to just one partner and IT layer, distribution companies can now have access to multiple sales channels for their logistics services and can competitively price their offers against competitors in real-time.
  • For suppliers of goods, BrandHouse Shippi provides instant access to numerous global distribution partners and hence increases efficiency and independence. By connecting to just one partner and IT layer, suppliers of goods can now have access to multiple logistics partners that provide global coverage, and can compare their competing prices in real time. Further, BrandHouse Shippii assures that customs clearance works swiftly and quickly.
  • or e-commerce sites, distribution companies, the suppliers of goods and therefore the end consumer, BrandHouse Shippii offers global tracking support and data to assure that supply chains are controlled and no product gets lost or is tampered with “on the road”.