We believe in the power of disruptive technologies to raise efficiency and effective collaboration in global trade.

We love creating technology solutions that challenge the status quo, speed things up, make global distribution of FMCG goods trustworthy, and assure security and stability on the underlying systems.

BrandHouse Technologies is the systemic backbone of the BrandHouse Group of Companies.
It provides an integrated IT platform for the various divisions and business verticals in the areas of data processing and insight, product tracking and clearance along the entire supply chain, product authentication and license control, and efficiency improvements in logistics and pricing.

BrandHouse Technologies provides true value to various stakeholders

  • For e-commerce sites, BrandHouse Technologies provides a one-stop plug-in solution to access and sell a massive catalogue of high quality and authentic food and beverage products on their own platforms and channels. Further, BrandHouse Technologies provides plug-ins for rich multimedia content about the products that are easy to integrate into any e-commerce platform to make the customers shopping experience richer and more informed.
  • For distribution companies, BrandHouse Technologies provides a global tracking and product authentication system that can be easily accessed and combined with the distribution companies IT systems.
  • For suppliers of goods, BrandHouse Technologies provides deep insight into how markets move. As we track all flows of products throughout the various parts of the BrandHouse Group of Companies, we know which articles are in high demand and where, who buys them through which platforms and how fast they are consumed and reordered. Further, BrandHouse Technologies provides a trusted quality symbol, applied at the source of the products production, which provides the end consumer with information about the products production date, its global journey, and plays information back to BrandHouse Technologies in the moment the symbol is scanned by the consumer – letting the suppliers of goods know where the product was eventually consumed.