We believe in the growth of Asia, esp. China, and the interest of its consumers in high quality food and beverage products.

We love the idea of establishing a New Silk Road through which Asia, and China in particular, can trade with Europe and access its goods in a true spirit of partnership.

BrandHouse Global Trade runs the European outbound operations as well as the Chinese inbound operations of the BrandHouse Group of Companies, and assures that all globally sourced and shipped products swiftly leave Europe and reach the Asian on- and offline channels and their end consumers. It is therefore the key operational entity for the movement of the physical goods.

BrandHouse Technologies provides true value to various stakeholders:

  • For the European suppliers, BrandHouse Global Trade serves as platform to growth and higher volumes. There are around 288.000 food and beverage companies in Europe, out of which 10 control approx. 50% of the total market revenue. The rest is highly fragmented, and caught in a price war as the EUR 1.700 Billions market volume is stagnating due to stagnant population growth. The only route for growth for all SMEs in the space is internationalization, e.g. to Asia and here China specifically.
  • For the Asian and esp. Chinese consumers, BrandHouse Trade is the channel to international imported food and beverage products of high quality and authenticity. By providing the products to the on- and offline channels in Asia, BrandHouse Global Trade helps the Asian consumer access more brands and products, at a competitive price from a respectable channel, with a layer of product authentication and access to “cool” FMCG products, that were not available before.