BrandHouse Business Model

BrandHouse is a cross-border parcel delivery business facilitating cross-border sales to China on behalf of FMCG brand owners that are already selling in China or want to enter the Chinese market for the first time. BrandHouse buys from a brand owner and then sells directly on various online B2B & B2C sales platforms and service brands and platforms with enriched content, logistics, product clearance and activation marketing.

BrandHouse offers brand owners two cross-border models
to enter the Chinese market:

BrandHouse buys from a brand owner when products are sold in
a sales channel

BrandHouse works together with brand owners to determine prices
and maximize margin in the Chinese market

Brandhouse sells directly on various online B2B & B2C sales
platforms and service platforms with content, logistics and product

Chinese cross-border e-commerce market in short


  • 1.400.000.000 citizens
  • 800.000.000 Chinese Consumers in Middle class or ‘higher’ – by 2021 China is ‘High-income society’
  • 829.000.000 internet users – 98% on mobile
  • 161 cities with +1M citizens
  • 1.000 times more value from mobile transactions than the US
  • Most cashless society in the world
  • Distribution costs and ‘last mile’ is extremely low
  • Cross-border e-commerce sales are growing fast reaching 100 B € in 2018
  • Cross-border users increased by 100% from 2016 – 2018: 40M to 80M

Services we provide to brandowners

  • Product data management (GS1) and content enrichment
  • Translation services (Chinese)
  • Photography and image processing
  • Video production
  • Physical product showroom
  • Product & trademark registration in China
  • Customer acquisition services
  • Marketing & Promotion support (Go To Market Plan & Execution)
  • Warehousing in Europe or China Free Trade Zone
  • Pick and Pack services for Chinese Consumers on behalf of sales Channels
  • Customs Clearance
  • Last mile Distribution
  • 2nd Level Customer Support

Benefits for brandowners


Easy access to foreign consumer markets like China


Limitless listing or delisting of products at no cost

Working Capital

No high initial investments when going outside home markets


To gain insight into consumer buying behaivor, and learn about dynamics of e-commerce for their products

Why BrandHouse

  • Why BrandHouse
  • Full cross-border e-commerce service provider supported by a suit of our proprietary technologies
  • Full coverage of China through partnering with existing e-commerce Channels & distribution carriers
  • Office and operations in Europe and China
  • Broad range of Brands and Products

What is required from Brand owners?

  • Multi-year exclusivity agreement with BrandHouse for selling cross-border in China
  • Consignment stock in BrandHouse warehouse in Germany and / or China FTZ
  • Product Content and Images
  • Product Samples from BrandHouse showroom
  • Marketing Support funding