We believe in connecting people and products, across cultures, countries and continents.

We love establishing well documented relationships between European companies with amazing stories and products in the food and beverage industry, and the Asian markets, esp. China.

BrandHouse Licensing is the equivalent of an old and traditional trading houses that used to connect Europe and Asia, but we would like to think it is the version 4.0 of the idea.

BrandHouse Licensing works with producers and brand owners of high quality goods and helps them enter the Asian markets, esp. China. It not only licenses their brand and products, but also advises them on all relevant areas of branding, marketing and product development to succeed in this new environments. By doing so, it acts as bridge into Asia, and represents some of the best food and beverage brands, small and large, in Asia’s and esp. China’s on- and offline sales channels, even on an exclusive basis.

BrandHouse Licensing focuses on suppliers of high quality products and owners of brands. It onboards the brands and products and assures that all relevant product and brand-related content is available to be successful in Asia.

BrandHouse Licensing is unique because:

  • Its own international team assures proper onboarding of all brands and products, supported by the GS/1 technology platform.
  • Its suite of legal contracts assures fast and high quality legal documentation, developed with some of the world’s leading IP, trademark and licensing experts.
  • Its interfaces allow for fast and efficient registration of all necessary commercial data, price, descriptions, images, videos.
  • Its own Asia team assures that the information is adequate, properly translated for the local market and complemented by additional insights that support local sales.
  • Its local Asian tam assures constant interaction with the Asian sales channels to promote new products and link the channels to the Brand House Licensing catalogue.
  • It educates the suppliers and brand owners on relevant processes and its proprietary proven Standard Operation Procedures, which are already implemented in over 100 companies, their 500+ brands and more than 1000 SKUs.
  • It provides brand owners with the “BrandHouse Trust Seal”, a digitally trackable product authentication symbol and currency technology-grade sticker, that helps visually proof the authenticity of the products and is scanable in order to prove the entire product journey from the source to the end consumer.

BrandHouse Licensing is based in Hong Kong and has an own team on the ground across Europe.