Danish healthy brand Yummi Yummi, part of The Clean Food Company, has awarded BrandHouse with exclusivity to start cross-border e-commerce in China on their behalf.

The brand focuses on simple, yet delicious healthy bars with outstanding nutritional values. They only use vegan and organically-sourced ingredients in the production of their products. All raw materials are dried or semi-dried which means there is very low water content. Then the bars are wrapped in foil and this leaves no basis for microorganisms to grow. This product mix is ​​the reason Yummy Yummy can provide product durability and quality.

Yummi Yummi had never entered the Chinese market and their cooperation with BrandHouse is the perfect opportunity to start cross-border e-commerce through the different sales channels and vast market knowledge that BrandHouse has already established. Our local organization combined with the upraising healthy trend in China is what gives us confident that Yummi Yummi’s bars will be a great success amongst the Chinese consumers.