BrandHouse has launched its latest project Bigsavr – three new websites in Norway, Sweden and Finland in cooperation with Let’sdeal. Let’sDeal is the biggest specialized deal-site in Sweden and Norway with a huge consumer base. BrandHouse has specialized cross-border e-commerce proven set up and access to over 300 000 products from different brands, a subset stored in its warehouse in Flensburg, Germany. BrandHouse supports all countries in the Nordics.


The purpose of the sites is a family should buy big and save big. The sites provide bulk offers for weekly supplies – buy it and put it in the pantry. BrandHouse built a separate web store for each country in the region – Finland, Sweden and Norway. The plan is to make subscription-based model in Sweden and test it there – customers will pay monthly subscription fee and get special discounts on certain products. Based on the experience with this model in Sweden, the plan is to roll out in the other countries as well.


As per January 1, 2020, it is the end of the so called 350-NOK-limit era in Norway, Bigsavr will start to support the new model in Norway by January 1 at the latest. With the elimination of the 350-NOK limit and moving to the new model, Bigsavr is expected to have serious increase in average order size, which in the past was limited to 350 NOK. Bigsavr was live on 6 December and will develop its assortment significantly over the coming weeks.


The Nordics FMCG market is of around 24 million people and this collaboration will give brand owners from Europe more cross-border e-commerce opportunities to enter this market, which is otherwise a nearly impossible market to enter. For more information you could always contact us at