Anthon Berg is live with flagship stores on Tmall Global and JD Global– the two largest online platforms in China. Shortly, there will be more flagship stores on different channels. Anthon Berg is also live on other platforms such аs, Yousan and BrandHouse store on WeChat.

Tmall and JD flagship stores offer a wide range assortment of Anthon Berg’s chocolate, including best selling Gold Gift Box, Cognac, Single Malts Whisky, Cocktail, Brandy and Vodka.

Anthon Berg has previously worked with one partner covering all business in China including general trade, but changed the approach where they have BrandHouse, a dedicated partner for cross-border e-commerce to fully leverage this model’s benefits in China. BrandHouse has not only a well-structured set up to fully support cross-border e-commerce, but also a local sales organization and a vast network of sales channels.

“We are honored to be Anthon Berg’s e-commerce partner and launched the first official online store for Anthon Berg in China. This is an important moment and tremendous milestone for BrandHouse China. We look forward to exploring more future possibilities with Anthon Berg, leverage BrandHouse’s proprietary and robust technical platform and analytical insights, as well as growing upper middle class and active consumers.“ said Vincent Lau, General Manager of BrandHouse China.

Having a flagship store on a major platform is crucial for a foreign brand entering a new market. It gives more exposure and visibility for a brand, increasing brand awareness and securing pricing. Brandhouse offers mono flagship stores to its exclusive brands, on top of being listed in the Brandhouse Multicategory flagship store, and has its own IT hub to build and support such stores as a part of the go-to-market plan.