Valentine’s day in China

Even though China has three different celebrations of romance, Western Valentine’s Day is still widely celebrated by couples in China. It’s even reported that Chinese love birds have become more generous when spending for Valentine’s day compared to their Western counterparts. Chinese consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping, as data from major digital retailers showed in the recent years. The high percentage of younger users also helps to drive Valentine’s Day online spending. And Chinese consumers have their own unique ways to celebrate love in the age of e-commerce.



They link their online retailers accounts as a way to show their love by paying for items in their sweethearts’ carts. This has been the latest trend since February 2018 when Alibaba officially launched the ‘relative account’ feature. This feature has been appreciated not just because Chinese consumers love new digital trends, but also due to the fact that a lot of couples live in different cities far away one from another. In this way couples share new and interesting items and discuss them. For them it is ceremonial to help fulfill each other’s wishes by emptying their partner’s shopping cart.


Gift trends and imported brands

In the recent years there has been an increase in buying imported brands. A part for the ever-green flowers, the most purchased imported products are chocolate and wine, and often mixed gift boxes with both, sent out online as a surprise. Most brands launch special promotions and editions for Valentine’s Day. This makes the beautiful chocolate and wine boxes and baskets even more special gifts to be given to that special one.

It’s a holiday that definitely shouldn’t be missed as an opportunity for brand owners to boost their brand awareness and sales volumes through online channels. If you would like to explore more about the opportunities in China and cross-border e-commerce, feel free to contact us at