Latin-American juice brand Citric, part of the Beliv Group, has decided to partner with BrandHouse to start cross-border e-commerce in China on their behalf.

The company was born in Central America where the land is full of variety of fruits and natural resources all year round. This has motivated them to create beverages from local ingredients. Citric’s believe is that there is nothing better than a freshly squeezed home-made juice, but if you’re feeling lazy, they have a 100% natural juice waiting for you. They don’t add flavors to the fruit since the fruit already has the best taste. Citric’s juices and lemonades are perfect for busy people aiming for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Citric produces so called NFC juices.

NFC juice is a juice made directly from fresh fruits and vegetables by mechanical processing and pressure. Fruits for direct extraction must certainly be ripe, carefully selected and thoroughly washed. After that, they are pressed with pneumatic presses, juice is extracted from them by squeezing and ultrafiltration, and packaged. NFC juices have unique nutritional and ecological characteristics due to avoiding concentration process and further reconstitution with water.

The company has been exporting its juices to 24 countries and has now decided to partner with BrandHouse to start cross-border e-commerce in China. They will be expanding to the Chinese market with their orange, apple and grapefruit NFC juices, and 100% natural artisanal lemonades. With Citric long tradition of making high-quality natural beverages and BrandHouse knowledge about the Chinese market and cross-border e-commerce set-up, we are certain Citric high-quality products will be soon as popular amongst Chinese consumers as they are in Central and Latin America.