BrandHouse has been working with Ferrero’s brands – Ferrero, Kinder, Nutella, for a couple of years, selling their exquisite best-sellers on the Scandinavian market online.

The Ferrero Family was the first Italian manufacturer after World War II to open production sites and offices abroad in the confectionary sector, turning the company into a truly international group. These first and decisive steps forward were thanks to the products created by Pietro Ferrero and his son Michele.

Nutella’s originis date back to the 1940s and before under the name Supercrema. At least from the 1920s the Ferreros had pursued a recipe of an inexpensive chocolate snack to be eaten with bread. In 1962, Italy passed a law banning names with superlatives (such as super-, ultra-, stra-) for consumer products. Ferrero had to choose a new brand name: “Nutella” registered in October 1963, came from merging the English word “nut”, from the typically Italian ingredient hazelnut in the Supercrema, with the Italian positive-sounding suffix “ella”. The winning combination came with the colors: the black “N” and the other letters in red. The first jar came out on April 20, 1964, starting the Nutella era.

In 2019 BrandHouse sold Ferrero and Kinder products for 20 000 euros, and Nutella products for over 30 000 euros in Denmark solely. With an additional 15 000 euros of Ferrero and Kinder in Norway. Both countries marked spikes in sales in the months before and during Christmas holidays. The population in Denmark in 2019 was 5,7 million people and 5,3 million in Norway. All four Scandinavian countries account for around 24 million people and BrandHouse can provide access to brand owners to all these consumers easily through cross-border e-commerce. With an even greater potential of 1,4 billion people, China is yet another great opportunity for brand owners to expand their business and BrandHouse has a full set up and local organization facilitating cross-border e-commerce. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us