BrandHouse has been working with Haribo and Maoam for a couple of years, selling their famous gummy bears and jelly beans on the Scandinavian market online.


After the First World War, Hans Riegel, Haribo’s founder, became a partner in the company Heinen in Bonn-Kessenich which subsequently became Heinen & Riegel. On 13th December 1920, Hans Riegel had the company name HARIBO entered in the trade registry of the city of Bonn as an acronym of HAns RIegel BOnn. In 1921. In 1922, Hans Riegel laid the first foundation stone for the subsequent international success of the company HARIBO. He invented the DANCING BEAR – a bear-shaped figure made from fruit gum which would later be world-famous as the legendary HARIBO GOLDBEAR.


Maoam, today part of Haribo, started when In 1930 Edmund Münster acquired the license to produce an innovative, fruity chew. He calls it ‘MAOAM’ and during Easter 1931, he launched it onto the German market. The Bonn confectionery producer HARIBO acquired the Edmund Münster company in 1986 and production moved to a modern factory in Neuss. In 2015 MAOAM was completely redesigned – into the more colorful and lively design well known today.


In 2019 BrandHouse sold Haribo and Maoam products for 205 000 euro solely in Denmark. Additional sales of 30 000 euros were made in Norway and over 5000 euros in Finland. The best-selling products were Haribo Gold bears, Haribo Matador Mix, Maoam Stripes, and Maoam Kracher. The population in Denmark in 2019 was 5,7 million people and 5,3 million in Norway. All four Scandinavian countries account for around 24 million people and BrandHouse can provide access to brand owners to all these consumers easily through cross-border e-commerce. With an even greater potential of 1,4 billion people, China is yet another great opportunity for brand owners to expand their business and BrandHouse has a full set up and local organization facilitating cross-border e-commerce. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us