BrandHouse has been working with Ritter Sport for a couple of years, selling their exquisite best-sellers on the Scandinavian market online

Ritter Sport was founded in 1912 in Stuttgart, Germany where Alfred Eugen Ritter and Clara Ritter laid the history of the company by opening the chocolate and confectionery factory. In the next couple of years, the company start to grow and had to find a second location for its production and employees to work from. 1932 marked the invention of the chocolate square under the name ’Ritter’s Sport Chocolate’. The idea was to produce a chocolate bar that fits into everybody’s pocket without breaking and weights the same as the usual chocolate. In 1974 Ritter introduced the ‘Colorful palette’ which was revolutionary at the times. Each variety is assigned a cheerful, characteristic color. In 1982 the 100g range is expanded to include smaller portions: RITTER SPORT mini arrives on the market. In the following years, besides innovations, the company also focuses on corporate social responsibility and organic chocolate.

In 2019 BrandHouse sold over 50 000 euros on the Scandinavian market. All four Scandinavian countries account for around 24 million people and BrandHouse can provide brand owners with access to all these consumers easily through cross-border e-commerce. With an even greater potential of 1,4 billion people, China is yet another great opportunity for brand owners to expand their business and BrandHouse has a full set up and local organization facilitating cross-border e-commerce. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us