BrandHouse has started an initiative to facilitate fast-moving consumer goods brands impacted by the current corona situation in Europe to be able to move their stock lots on online channels directly to end customers in Scandinavia.

Recently BrandHouse has noticed that due to the current situation a significant amount of FMCG brands have been facing abundancy of stocks in their warehouses because of a channel wide drop in demand in particular in the HoReCa and travel retail industries. For their partner brands, the company has launched a number of successful campaigns both on their own sales platforms and on deal sites in the Scandinavian region to facilitate such brands in moving these products to consumers. Considering that the products will be sold on deal campaign basis, they would have to be discounted from the brand side. BrandHouse acts as a facilitator for both brands and end customers and their only goal is to be of as much help as possible in such difficult times. This means that they will not charge the brands any additional fees than they usually do. ‘We believe in a model where WE do great business together. And WE are us in BrandHouse, our partners (we believe in partnering), our customers and our shareholders (they are the reason we are here)’, said Frank van der Tol, Head of Brand Recruitment of BrandHouse.

BrandHouse has been operating on the Scandinavian market for over 10 years and the company has its own well-established webstores (*see below). The Scandinavian region, composed of four countries, has 24 million people and an FMCG market worth around 60 billion euros annually with strong internet penetration and e-commerce. It is the most expensive food market in Europe and customers often look for more affordable deals online. BrandHouse has a centralized European warehouse in Flensburg (Germany) which allows them to support deliveries to all four countries – Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, and since recently also to Switzerland.

If you would like to learn more about how this initiative could be of help for you, you can contact Frank van der Tol at BrandHouse is also starting to search for new partners in Europe that will operate its stores in other European countries. If you are interested in partnering and opening a BrandHouse store in your country, please contact (Co-founder and President of BrandHouse Global Retail).

*Sales channels