BrandHouse and vConnect have announced that they had decided to join forces and have entered into a definitive agreement to be one big family where BrandHouse has acquired vConnect end-to-end IT services. This became possible after an investment by Roberto Aitkenhead, CEO of the BrandHouse group.

‘We were getting to a point where it was important that people work together, instead of living all over the place. We want to have one central place, and vConnect office in Sofia was the place to go to. We believe that there is a significant talent pool and it is underestimated, whereas we truly believe in it. Since the acquisition we were able to attract really competent people who play a senior role in our organization and contribute to the overall success’, said Roberto Aitkenhead, CEO of the BrandHouse group.

‘We started talking about consolidating in 2019 and it made sense to everybody. We liked the project – cross-border e-commerce in Europe and China, and we all found a workable solution’, added Lennart Just Hansen, co-founder of vConnect together with Thomas Sorensen.

vConnect is an IT company headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. It had already been providing outsourced IT services to BrandHouse in the last few years, when in 2019 the acquisition was proposed.  vConnect was providing a full spectrum of IT services from frond-end development and design, through back-end development and QA, to server maintenance. Whereas, BrandHouse had various IT services outsourced to different external providers across Europe and Asia. The acquisition allowed for all these services to be consolidated which naturally leads to a higher level of service. BrandHouse is confident that having in-house consolidated end-to-end services will allow for the business operations to scale successfully in shorter terms.

Since the acquisition, the office in Sofia, Bulgaria became the IT hub of the newly formed BrandHouse group where it is possible to hire more efficiently from a cost and a campus perspective. The group brought other functions to Bulgaria that cover all the organization – marketing, shipping, procurement, data analysis, great leadership. Lennart Just Hansen and Thomas Sorenson, founders of vConnect, have been building a great workplace environment in the Sofia office and the new centralized IT hub would not be possible without them. They have been renovating the office and the new modern space will soon open its doors to current and new talents in Sofia.

Together with BrandHouse warehouse in Flensburg, Germany, a warehouse in a free trade zone in China, and the newly founded office with local team in Shenzhen, China, BrandHouse has an A-to-Z set up to navigate its existing cross-border operations in the Nordics, Switzerland and China, and to scale successfully to new countries shortly.