BrandHouse will import between 400,000 to 600,000 liters of NFC juices to China addressing the demand for vitamin C in post-Covid-19 reopening of the largest consumer market in the world in 2020.

“When I first tasted a glass of Citric juice, I instantly became a fan. And I was convinced, that consumers in China would enjoy the freshness and wonderful taste, as much as I. At BrandHouse we love great stories and Citric is one of the best,” said Klaus Anker Petersen, Executive Chairman of BrandHouse

JD has recently reported that sales of vitamin C dietary supplements on its platform were up five-fold. Dietary supplement industry urges “quality upgrade” as 96 percent of consumers desire a healthier life

“We saw a spike in sales of vitamin C and immunity supplementary products in online marketplaces and retail outlets. Chinese consumers are looking for high quality imported healthier alternative that is in a convenient ready-to-drink package.  Citric is the perfect product, it smells and tastes like fresh-squeezed juice, and it’s full of vitamins.” said Vincent Lau, General Manager of BrandHouse China



“With the partnership with BrandHouse the cross-border distribution platform, we brought our products to China, becoming the first brand in Latin America to partner with them to market and explore in one of the world’s leading consumer markets”, said Carlos Sluman, CEO of Beliv – Toma Vida

In 2016, Jugos Citric partnered with Beliv – Toma Vida, one of the largest producers of NFC (Not From Concentrate) orange juice in Latin America, to distribute their beverages regionally. Together they managed to get an Argentine family business to Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and, now, also to China.

This strategic agreement allows Citric to sell B2B and B2C in China. Beliv focuses on the development of products and brands of healthy and nutritious drinks with a focal point on innovation to achieve a balance between well-being, health, and happiness. BrandHouse focus on the development of go-to-market strategy and distributing the products through the largest network of e-commerce channels and retail outlets in China. Citric has the capability to produce 100% squeezed juices from Argentina 365 days a year.

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