The Brandhouse China staff went to the ATLAS offices in Nanshan, Shenzhen for an offline promotion. Posters, banners, coupons, samples, and good spirits were brought up to promote Anton Berg to hundreds of eager guests.

The purpose of the event was showcasing all available products of Anthon Berg, represented by BrandHouse on the Chinese market. Everyone in the Shenzhen Aerospace Science and Technology Square Towers, hundreds of offices and thousands of workers, was able to come by and enjoy the beautiful setup and get introduced to all products with free samples.

Staff was ready to entice with chocolate as preparations were finishing up. As the doors opened, and the promotion event was called out in the massive building, it didn’t take long before groups of office workers started pouring into the lounge to queue up and get their share of offers and curiously inspect the new products.

Sample products were given out to all the guests in exchange for joining our special Brandhouse VIP WeChat group where we will give out weekly updates about new products and great new deals and directly answer inquiries about the products. Additionally, anyone joining the group received a discount coupon for our official TMall and JD store.

As the event was coming well underway, Brandhouse staff had to hang on tight as they juggled posters and phones with QR codes to direct all the guests to the Brandhouse store and join the Brandhouse VIP group.

Keen interest was shown by many of the ladies for the cocktail Anthon Berg chocolates, which quickly disappeared from the shelves. Plenty of curiosity was shared and happy chattering was heard among the guests as they were going over each product presented. The little chocolate bottles attracted one group of guys – they also had to go in for a close inspection of each bottle type, showing off their liquor connoisseur skills.

With elegance, charm, finesse and sometimes impressive multitasking QR codes, chocolate bottles, marzipan and personal recommendations were shared widely and thoroughly to everyone who came by the booths.

As the day drew to an end, hundreds of new followers had joined the Brandhouse family, with plenty of new traffic and lots of new customers.