BrandHouse is very excited to announce our new partnership with Prodigy Snacks. With this partnership, BrandHouse will be helping Prodigy Snacks to expand their business operations in China and the Nordics through cross-border e-commerce. In China, you can find Prodigy snacks exclusively on BrandHouse’s multi-brand store on Tmall, whereas in Europe they are available through our stores in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Prodigy Snacks offer amazing velvety smooth cacao chocolate made from natural ingredients and bursting with vitamins. They kicked out all refined sugars and artificial flavours, dairy, gluten, and palm oil, and manage to contain all sugar levels below 20%. But that is not all. With the wonder of vibrant raw cacao nibs, natural sugars, and high-end plant-based ingredients, each bar delivers an explosion of mouth-watering flavours.


The company’s motto is Eat No Evil – they do not only believe in creating all-natural ingredient chocolate that is good for you, but also for the next generation. Prodigy creates their incredibly tasty, yet healthy chocolate while thinking of the planet – that means using carefully sourced ingredients that don’t leave a hefty carbon footprint and wrapping all chocolate bars in plastic-free, fully compostable packaging that won’t end up polluting the oceans.

Prodigy Hazelnut chocolate bar
Prodigy Dark chocolate with salt bar
Prodigy Caramel cahoots chocolate bar
Prodigy Orange Chocolate bar

Having a store on a major platform in China, such as Tmall, is crucial for a foreign brand entering a new market. It gives more exposure and visibility for a brand, increasing brand awareness and securing pricing, BrandHouse also offers flagship stores, on top of being included in the multicategory, to exclusive brands and has its own IT hub to build and support such stores as a part of the go-to-market plan. If you would like to learn more about how to expand your business in China, feel free to contact us at