We believe in global trade, relationships and the prosperity created by it for all parties involved.

We love connecting the fast growing Asian markets, especially China, with great companies and products from around the globe.

We give large online and offline retailers as well as small specialist online shops and the end-consumers of all these platforms access to hundreds of thousands of high quality products and great brands, across borders, raise efficiency in logistics and financing and support SMEs to license their products, often results of over 100 years of business history, to the Asian markets. All of this is supported and enhanced by a suite of our proprietary technologies.

Our passion just happened to turn into one of the most dynamically growing global trading houses, present in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Singapore.

BrandHouse provides true value to various stakeholders:

  • For Consumers: We provide very competitively priced authentic food and drinks products directly to your doorstep, saving households time and money, and thus providing for a healthier and happier life. Further, we provide a much larger product assortment than any existing single traditional retailer.
  • For Suppliers: We provide efficient and low cost access to Scandinavian and Asian markets for small to large food producers, hereby opening up new markets and revenue channels.
  • For the European community: We support the backbone of the European farming community by facilitating their access to the largest food market in the world, China, hence bringing added employment to rural areas of Europe.
  • For Asia, esp. China: We bring healthy, authentic and untampered products to the Asian, esp. the Chinese, market, hence helping all consumers to live a healthier and happier life.

BrandHouse is unique in the following ways:

  • Integration: Across our multiple business units, we leverage and continue to build one integrated end-to-end IT platform.
  • Insight: We track all interactions and flow of goods across our brands, logistics channels and final consumers, hence building an unprecedented database of insights about the food and beverage industry between Europe and Asia.
  • Involvement: We run our own team of food and drink brand onboarding experts across Europe, reaching out to the various countries and the products for which they are all known around the world.
  • In- and Out-bound excellence: We manage highly cost and time-efficient pick and pack centers and enhance them with ever increasing levels of automation.
  • Integrity: We provide scanable trust seals for the products on our platforms which make them track and traceable from the source all the way to the end-consumer, assuring absolute product integrity and quality.
  • Inbound access: We provide access to on- and offline channels into the Asian markets, esp. China. In particular, we manage the first ever comprehensive shop-in-shop concept on Womai.com, the e-commerce arm of China’s largest state-owned food and beverage company.